Still open for business

Although I seldom post here at WordPress these days – I’ve come to prefer showcasing work samples at Cargo Collective – I’m nonetheless receptive to new clients.

illustration by Paweł Czerwiński

From solopreneurs to large companies and endeavors in between, I’m here to devise compelling strategies for your consumer-facing copy. If being purely data-driven has you, your team, and your niche customers bored senseless – relax, there’s a better, more appealing way to market your products. Return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear in ad copy when wit, imagination, and evocative word painting reigned supreme! Need a copywriter with a sensuous, soft-sell approach that beguiles your targeted shopper? Look no further: I’ve been here all along.

Taglines for banners, billboards, store signage, or wild postings? I make the case succinctly, within tight character counts, for your ideas, services, or designs.

Email headlines and calls to action? Yes, again. (Just have a fantastic graphic designer or art director on-hand, OK?)

Social media updates that stylishly underscore whatever you & your influencers are up to? Absolutely!

A bio page that captures your journey? Right-click the sample below.

Scintillating summations for your forthcoming collections of jewelry, apparel, accessories, or interior décor? Let’s tackle that creative brief together!

Well, like most good writers, I could write all day. But I’d rather hear from you.

Until then,
Neil Thompson

“now that I’ve had French pastry, I can face the world”

Breakfast in the Alphabet: Apple Toast from St. Honoré Boulangerie

Breakfast in the Alphabet: Apple Toast from St. Honoré Boulangerie (photo credit: yours truly)

Unlike all the other posts at my portfolio, this one isn’t a real ad (sigh!) although it certainly could be.

Ah, the good ol’ days of creativity in advertising!

slide into the voice

‘Twas exactly a year ago almost – late June 2016 – I began writing for my biggest brand to date – which was also my first venture into describing sporty apparel. I thrived on the challenge of inhabiting a new voice… while infusing my own soft-sell esprit into the equation. {Right-click the above and below screenshots for a closer read.}


From time to time in my peregrinations about Portland, Oregon, I’ll spot a woman – at an art exhibit reception or pushing a stroller on a neighborhood sidewalk — clad in an adidas/Brazilian FARM collaboration track jacket or hoodie. I want to tell her, “I sold you that!” (And yet, like a true gentleman, I curb this impulse… remaining forever an anonymous yet influential scribe.)

View other scintillating samples of my product copy & taglines here….

precious Cargo


Click the above screenshot to visit a new version of my portfolio at Cargo Collective.

Read more about the refresh by clicking the screenshot below.


a copywriter’s summer on island time

meander collection

If there’s any phrase a B2C copywriter likes nearly as much as “SOLD OUT!” (on e-com pages displaying his or her prose alongside exotic gems), it has got to be: “Only 1 left in stock.”

carnelian with citrines

And that wonderful phrase crops up again and again in these screen captures.

warm wedges
cognac earrings

Earlier this summer, a jewelry designer on the East Coast hired me to pen evocative ledes setting the stage for seven new collections of hers, followed by individual write-ups of 30 or so designs within.

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snapshots from NYGF ’16


Historically, this event had always been held in winter – until 2016. I wrote a brief announcement for the Festival homepage to herald the change of seasons. Since this may be the only occasion in which my prose accompanies an image of The Boss (!), I’m including it above. Click to view in a new tab.

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Festival Letters

Once again, I was asked to write marketing copy for an NYC-based music festival. First comes a press release, and then a series of digital newsletters for email subscribers. We were delighted by the 42% open rate on Letter 1, and readers told my client they loved the writing. You will, too. Just right-click screenshots into a new tab, enlarge, and voila!

2016 newsletter 1

A clever ending caps the first 2016 newsletter. Short, sweet, ever so slightly commercial. My background in fashion writing certainly came in handy here.

online shop



The next newsletter…

Rosetta letter

Rosetta letter mini biographies

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banner waves

From the department of Recent Work: banner ads for a retailer of floor lamps & outdoor light strands.

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