from Peachtree to Portland

In today’s post, here’s a deeper glance within the home décor wing of my portfolio. If you adore sea foam throw pillows on neutral linens, make yourself comfy and read on.

A well-known furniture & design portal asked me to curate a living room “ideabook,” and I leapt at the chance to showcase the aesthetic of Peachtree Hills – a favorite neighborhood in Atlanta.

The challenge was to evoke the work of several designers and antique collectors, without actually alighting on any of them by name. And the neighborhood – home to ADAC and the Galleries of Peachtree Hills – nearly overflows with gorgeous showrooms. Among these, I’m especially partial to Max & Company and to the extraordinary collection of 19th-century Swedish clocks at Tyner Antiques. On with my scintillating copy samples, however: click the screenshots for a closer look.

Peachtree Hills interiors

I christened this concept “Peachtree Hills Fantasy,” and my subtitle for it appears in our next screenshot. Below that are the copy blocks and featured images for the two sections arranged before and after “Toward the Sea” (which, by the way, I named for a marvelous piece of music by Takemitsu).

Peachtree subheader
gorge on understatement
Peachtree Hills interiors 2

Unfortunately, the published version of this piece did not appear either as I wrote it or with the furnishings I quite specifically chose to match the mood. An editor with no first-hand knowledge of the subject implemented her own ideas. Here for the first time, then, are my intro and the image (courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Howard at Max & Company) I wanted to accompany it.

PHF top copy with interior by Max & Company

See how well the words and picture work together? Copywriter knows best!

During my tenure with The Furniture Portal (not the company’s real name!) I was also asked to curate a piece devoted to Industrial Chic. Not exactly my métier. Nevertheless, I unearthed some gems while creating a few of my own.

Inner PDX lede copy
Soften your edges
verdigris row

Love my verdigris row! Here’s the copy that prefaced it:

Cultivate a Rigorous Aesthetic

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