Festival Letters

Once again, I was asked to write marketing copy for an NYC-based music festival. First comes a press release, and then a series of digital newsletters for email subscribers. We were delighted by the 42% open rate on Letter 1, and readers told my client they loved the writing. You will, too. Just right-click screenshots into a new tab, enlarge, and voila!

2016 newsletter 1

A clever ending caps the first 2016 newsletter. Short, sweet, ever so slightly commercial. My background in fashion writing certainly came in handy here.

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The next newsletter…

Rosetta letter

Rosetta letter mini biographies

The two-sentence mini-bios, conceived for the press release, actually take much longer to write than the lengthier paragraphs that precede them. Sometimes, these capsules migrate over to Instagram, where they look right at home.

Noveller blurbRW Instagram

And lastly, excerpts from an earlier newsletter, emailed to subscribers in 2015.

August 2015 newsletter vertical