a copywriter’s summer on island time

meander collection

If there’s any phrase a B2C copywriter likes nearly as much as “SOLD OUT!” (on e-com pages displaying his or her prose alongside exotic gems), it has got to be: “Only 1 left in stock.”

carnelian with citrines

And that wonderful phrase crops up again and again in these screen captures.

warm wedges
cognac earrings

Earlier this summer, a jewelry designer on the East Coast hired me to pen evocative ledes setting the stage for seven new collections of hers, followed by individual write-ups of 30 or so designs within.

mosaique collection

“Exactly how whimsical would you like the descriptions to be?” I asked the client.

“Be very whimsical,” the client replied.

geometrica collection

And with that creative brief in mind, I took to the islands for inspiration… to write about her (often) nature-themed and island-inspired designs. This post gathers a dozen of my favorite pairings of her art and mine.

butterfly necklace copy

Right-click the images into a new tab to read more closely.

floral pendant
aquatic tones
white opal
mystic topaz

All too soon, however, island summers end, Labor Day swiftly comes and goes, and the High Seriousness of Autumn returns. Right after my jewelry endeavor, I switched gears and wrote for another new client’s adidas account — possibly my biggest brand yet and my first-ever foray into writing about sports apparel and footwear. Some of those gems stripes may surface on these shores… someday.

Meanwhile, for any jewelry designer or retailer with exquisite rings, necklaces, pendants, and earrings to market, drop me a line via the contact form on this page. Between us, we can take it to “Only 1 left in stock” in practically no time at all!

blossom collection