“this…timeless watch”

Sea HunterThere’s something hypnotic about reading watch descriptions. Or, at the very least, there’s something hypnotic about reading my watch descriptions. A new client hired me to describe one of his designs, and so back I went… through the treasure trove of copy I wrote for that certain major online retailer, not so many years ago.

Best advice I was given back in the day? Never, ever, describe a watch as being “timeless.” (Although that doesn’t appear to have stopped Gucci!)

Reacquainting myself with the rigors inherent to writing about watches — the blending of pinpoint accuracy & dreamy sales narrative — I rediscovered any number of well-spun phrases I loved: dazzles the eye with rainbow hues of blue and rose; pineapple-textured 18k gold; display window bubbles up at the three o’clock; and uninterrupted gold flows into…a textured center that mimics the rays of the sun.

Yes, indeed, it can be poetry.

And so I’ve gathered a few samples here for our collective pleasure. Click the screenshots for a closer read. (Magnifying glass optional.)

Seiko Women's Camel Leather Watch screenshot

smartly pairs gray monochromes with luminous yellow accents Invicta Leviathan screenshot

pair with winter whites or vibrant summer colors…a ladylike quarter-moon…covering nearly a fortnightSeiko Women's Mother of Pearl screenshot

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copy that’s good enough to eat…

Well, why not?

Invicta watchThe always intriguing combination of silver and orange elevates the Invicta Men’s Subaqua Noma III GMT Watch to the very pinnacle of autumn harvest eclecticism.

This attention-garnering gem has luminous silver-toned hands on a deep orange dial, which is surrounded by a wheel-shaped double perimeter. A two-tone GMT scale with Arabic numerals from 1 to 23 (white on black at the top, then black on orange below) occupies the outer perimeter. A red triangle roosts at the twelve o’clock position, and the three o’clock hosts a wedge-shaped date display double-framed in black and silver. The case, bevel, and band are stainless steel silver, save for a warm swath of textured pumpkin-toned inserts on the strap, which has a secure fold-over double push-button clasp. The unidirectional outer bezel gleams with engraved silver Arabics in multiples of five, and the watch also provides water-resistance to 1640 feet (500 meters), precise Swiss-quartz movement, and scratch-protective flame-fusion crystal.

Something for Seiko

diverTake to the ocean blue with the rugged yet stylish Seiko Men’s Digital Diving Titanium Alloy Computer Watch. Water-resistant to 330 feet (100 meters), this watch features an illuminated digital display of hour, minutes, and seconds as well as calendar day, month, and date on a gray dial. A black rubber strap with a secure buckle clasp connects to a metal case of scratch-protective mineral crystal. The silver outer bezel lets you access the watch’s many computer functions, including Nitrox diving and dive log data, countdown and destination timers, alarms for ascent rate, maximum depth, and more. This model also provides the precision of Japanese quartz movement, plus a sturdy Seiko storage box for when you’re back on dry land.

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