Still open for business

Although I seldom post here at WordPress these days – I’ve come to prefer showcasing work samples at Cargo Collective – I’m nonetheless receptive to new clients.

illustration by Paweł Czerwiński

From solopreneurs to large companies and endeavors in between, I’m here to devise compelling strategies for your consumer-facing copy. If being purely data-driven has you, your team, and your niche customers bored senseless – relax, there’s a better, more appealing way to market your products. Return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear in ad copy when wit, imagination, and evocative word painting reigned supreme! Need a copywriter with a sensuous, soft-sell approach that beguiles your targeted shopper? Look no further: I’ve been here all along.

Taglines for banners, billboards, store signage, or wild postings? I make the case succinctly, within tight character counts, for your ideas, services, or designs.

Email headlines and calls to action? Yes, again. (Just have a fantastic graphic designer or art director on-hand, OK?)

Social media updates that stylishly underscore whatever you & your influencers are up to? Absolutely!

A bio page that captures your journey? Right-click the sample below.

Scintillating summations for your forthcoming collections of jewelry, apparel, accessories, or interior décor? Let’s tackle that creative brief together!

Well, like most good writers, I could write all day. But I’d rather hear from you.

Until then,
Neil Thompson

“this…timeless watch”

Sea HunterThere’s something hypnotic about reading watch descriptions. Or, at the very least, there’s something hypnotic about reading my watch descriptions. A new client hired me to describe one of his designs, and so back I went… through the treasure trove of copy I wrote for that certain major online retailer, not so many years ago.

Best advice I was given back in the day? Never, ever, describe a watch as being “timeless.” (Although that doesn’t appear to have stopped Gucci!)

Reacquainting myself with the rigors inherent to writing about watches — the blending of pinpoint accuracy & dreamy sales narrative — I rediscovered any number of well-spun phrases I loved: dazzles the eye with rainbow hues of blue and rose; pineapple-textured 18k gold; display window bubbles up at the three o’clock; and uninterrupted gold flows into…a textured center that mimics the rays of the sun.

Yes, indeed, it can be poetry.

And so I’ve gathered a few samples here for our collective pleasure. Click the screenshots for a closer read. (Magnifying glass optional.)

Seiko Women's Camel Leather Watch screenshot

smartly pairs gray monochromes with luminous yellow accents Invicta Leviathan screenshot

pair with winter whites or vibrant summer colors…a ladylike quarter-moon…covering nearly a fortnightSeiko Women's Mother of Pearl screenshot

Cool shades of blue add an irresistible elan…   Continue reading

Nautically whimsical

whimsical necklaceWell, a year makes a long while to go in between portfolio updates. It isn’t that our Catalog Copywriter hasn’t been busy—quite the opposite, in fact, with scant time for posting new work.

Before sharing some of my recent samples, here’s an oldie yet goodie from the Spring of 2011: fun, compelling copy splashed across the Web that sold out this Sorelli “Sweet Dreams” gem in practically no time. Good luck finding one on eBay!!

Like a treasure from the deep blue sea, the Sorrelli “Sweet Dreams” Circular Set Crystal Bib Gold-Toned Necklace has a whimsically nautical character. Opaque sea-green stones lie wreathed by clear crystals of deep purple and by Fleur-de-lis patterns of gold-finished brass to enchanting effect. The interlocking circles mix delicate pastels with ornate textures. A creamy white crystal might be surrounded by a perimeter of opaque off-white stones, while a shimmering rose crystal lies hemmed in by beads. This innovative design connects to a brass chain that fastens easily with lobster-claw clasps. Your dazzling new necklace runs 21 inches in length.

amazon fashion screenshot