Still open for business

Although I seldom post here at WordPress these days – I’ve come to prefer showcasing work samples at Cargo Collective – I’m nonetheless receptive to new clients.

illustration by Paweł Czerwiński

From solopreneurs to large companies and endeavors in between, I’m here to devise compelling strategies for your consumer-facing copy. If being purely data-driven has you, your team, and your niche customers bored senseless – relax, there’s a better, more appealing way to market your products. Return with me to those thrilling days of yesteryear in ad copy when wit, imagination, and evocative word painting reigned supreme! Need a copywriter with a sensuous, soft-sell approach that beguiles your targeted shopper? Look no further: I’ve been here all along.

Taglines for banners, billboards, store signage, or wild postings? I make the case succinctly, within tight character counts, for your ideas, services, or designs.

Email headlines and calls to action? Yes, again. (Just have a fantastic graphic designer or art director on-hand, OK?)

Social media updates that stylishly underscore whatever you & your influencers are up to? Absolutely!

A bio page that captures your journey? Right-click the sample below.

Scintillating summations for your forthcoming collections of jewelry, apparel, accessories, or interior décor? Let’s tackle that creative brief together!

Well, like most good writers, I could write all day. But I’d rather hear from you.

Until then,
Neil Thompson

Radiance, again

As spring yields to summer, vibrant necklaceit’s time for tropical-inspired jewelry, as in this Indonesian necklace from Sundance, a set of five “islands” in peridot and garnet. I wrote the header and sub-header for the retailer’s email marketing campaign.


Summer chemise with a necklace to match. I wrote the headline and sub-header for a catalog retailer’s email messaging.

wistful moods

Midsummer dreams…

Midsummer leftMidsummer right My {effortlessly chic} headline copy up top, the gossamer warm weather gown (my muse) below…

Making headlines, ii

Our second sample for the day served as an email blast to catalog subscribers. The e-commerce director especially loved my concept for this one.

And the Lilliana Blouse? It’s back in stock at the moment, but in the initial rush of my copy, the supply simply couldn’t keep pace with the demand.

(Or maybe the lovely model had something to do with that? A question to ponder over the weekend…)

Sheer Stunner 3